CVK Reprographics:

CVK Reprographics has been servicing law firms and associations since 1992 and provides unmatched customer service and quality of work at competitive rates. CVK provides the highest quality control digital copying, imaging and scanning. CVK is proud of our reputation for an unparalleled ability to manage and produce projects error-free and within the timeframe we promise, often sooner.

Some of the features that set CVK Reprographics apart:

Production Staff

CVK Reprographics believes that the quality of your project begins with the employees that produce it. Our entire production staff has been working with the company for years. Our superior service is due to the fact that we have provided extensive training for our operators and continue ongoing training with new technologies. We also offer them a higher level of compensation than that offered by our competition. In an industry with high turnover rates, this policy keeps turnover far below our competition and ensures we maintain a highly competent and consistent staff.

Free Pick Up & Delivery

When you call CVK Reprographics with a copying request, we immediately dispatch an experienced customer service representative to pick up your project and thoroughly review the project specifications with you. We refuse to entrust an outside courier service with your sensitive documents. Our personal pick up and delivery system eliminates confusion with the details of your requests and enable us to track your documents and materials from your firm to our office.

Round-The-Clock Service

CVK Reprographics is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we know that the business community in Washington, DC does not operate on a nine-to-five schedule. We guarantee that we will handle your project with the same personalized service regardless of the time, day or night. Additionally, because we know that rush and weekend projects are common practice, our pricing is consistent.

Precise Quality Control

After completing your project on our digital copying machines and checking it during the course of production, it is then transferred to a separate quality control area where every page is carefully reviewed against your originals by document specialists to ensure there has been no operator error or machine malfunction. Each specialist is required to sign off on the project before it leaves our facility and is delivered back to your office. We can guarantee that every page, tab, binder, color graphic and bates label will be precisely where they are supposed to be.

Confidentiality & Security

CVK Reprographics appreciates that our clients' projects are often confidential. For this reason, we require all our employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement of confidentiality, agreeing not to disclose any information contained in our clients' documents. We also produce your documents in one secure facility with one designated key operator and one designated document review specialist. The fewer personnel working on your project, the better the quality and the safer the documents.