Why pay for storage space, or have your expensive office space cluttered with boxes of documents? CVK can turn that paper into searchable, digital files. Our professional staff has years of experience taking hardcopy to the digital world where it can easily be searched and retrieved.

Prices vary by task, so please call with specifications for an estimate.

Production Staff

CVK believes that the quality of your project begins with the employees that produce it. Our senior production staff has been working with the company for over 20 years. Our superior service is due to the fact that we have provided extensive training for our operators and continue ongoing training with new technologies.

Precise Quality Control

With archived documents, searching and easy retrieval of important information is our priority. After completing your project, we ocr every page and thoroughly check it with our clients’ parameters.

Confidentiality and Security

CVK appreciates that our clients’ projects are often confidential. For this reason, we require that all of our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement of confidentiality. We also produce your documents in secure facility with one designated key operator and one designated document review specialist. The fewer personnel working on your project, the better the quality, and the safer the documents.

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