CVK has been providing professional support for law firms, trade associations and lobbying firms since 1990. We offer multiple services, including archiving and document production, as well as linestanding for hearings on Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, and other courts in the area.

About Us

In 1990, Chris Van Horne set out to create a business to support law firms and trade associations in the Washington, DC area. What came from that are the two branches of CVK, which are CVK Reprographics and the CVK Group. CVK aims to assist with various tasks within law firms and trade associations at cost effective rates.

The CVK Group

The very first of its kind, CVK Group focuses on the linestanding that we provide on Capitol Hill, at the Supreme Court, and other courts and agencies in the DMV and beyond.

CVK Reprographics

Aimed at the document side of the business of a law firm or trade association, CVK Reprographics specializes in document production and archiving.




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